Transparency and clarity 

Burn Cro Token

This project, the website ( and all the social media channels has been created and funded by Brian Redmore who is the founder and creator. 

The Token itself (Burn Cro) was created by Brian Redmore using .

The team consists of myself and 3 other team members.

2 team members are chat moderators & promoters who are volunteers. Their names are Kara Spinola and Mikel Bravo.

Finally we have Martin McCabe who is an expert in digital media. Martin is also a volunteer who is helping to improve the website ( and all the media channels.

Burn Cro is a deflationary Token on the Cronos block chain with a maximum supply of 100 billion coins.

The only purpose of this project is to reduce the total supply of Cronos.

This Project is intended to be Fun.

All trades come with a 9% fee.

Cronos and Burn Cro will be burned at a ratio of 1:3 on the 1st of every month.

This is my first project and hopefully it will have some success.

This address 0x06725e8c3c54A1D3A7109E43a2d928a7De462eaa belongs to me. I purchased 20,000 Cronos worth of Burn Cro. These are not reserves, however I may use the Funds to add liquidity or further fund this project. 

 **All the funds in the  Liquidity pools are owned by the Burn Cro community respective of their Burn Cro Holdings

**Traders are Responsible for declaring and paying their own taxes on their profits or losses.

**Burn Cro's sole purpose is using trading fees to Burn Cronos and will not have any other use in the future.

**Any Burn Cro holders that decide to add their own personal funds as liquidity has the right to withdraw their liquidity at any time.

**I have No intention of Removing my liquidity from this project.

** The Burn Cro NFT collection on NFT has been created for fun, any funds raised from sales will be used to fund this community project.

**The Burn Cro Shop is a registered Corporation. The Burn Cro sop will be used to sell Burn Cro merchandise as soon as it is up and running.


We have been Audited and Had our team complete KYC to inspire trust and confidence in us. The Audit revealed 14 minor issues that does not pose a threat or risk and are so minor that we were advise to ignore them. The KYC process involved myself, Mikel, Kara and Martyn send copies of our passports and bank statements which were recorded. I also took part in a live video conference that was recorded. If any of us try to scam, steal or rug pull, all of our details will be published online and sent to the local authorities.  Below is a copy of the KYC and Audit certificate along with links to view them.

View the Audit .

View the KYC.


The first liquidity pool was funded by me with no presale, private sale or public sale.  Team Members are Volunteers working together to help make this project FUN. This project has been assembled for the sole purpose of Burning Cronos and this token has no other use. If you would like to have fun trading Burn Cro and Burning Cronos please feel free to join in. Investing in Crypto Currency can come with high risk and therefore you should only invest what you are prepared to lose.