About Burn Cro


A Small Team Working Together to build a BIG community having FUN and BURNING Cronos.

A community Driven token that’s traded for fun. On the 1st of Every Month we will burn Cronos & Burn Cro at a ratio of 1:3 respectively. Making them BOTH DEFLATIONARY.

We now donate monthly to the WWF & Omaze. Donations click here.

Fun Games to play including UNO on Telegram  and Trivia & poker on Discord.

We Aim to keep things Simple, 99% of the total supply will be added as Liquidity with 100% of the total supply in Circulation right from the get go. Take a look at the Tokenomics to understand how Burn Cro works. Read our Lite Paper for a quick briefing or take a look at our White paper for a more in depth understanding.  You can download them for off line viewing and safe keeping.

In Q2 2023 successfully tested our token to ensure it does function. 

I decided to fund this project myself and we will launch it in Q4 2023 starting with a Market Cap of 60,000 Cronos (around $3,000). Take a look at our Road Map for further details.

We will Post Proof that we are Burning Cronos and Burn Cro on our Social Media sites. Please click the links below to follow us. You Can keep up to date with the total amount of Coins we burn, Any New Partners and see Proof of Liquidity in  THE FURNACE!

We are launching a set of 10,000 NFT's very soon, all proceeds will be added as liquidity to Burn Cro. All secondary proceeds will e used to add liquidity to Our up coming Burn T Cronos meme coin Burn Cro token, new tokens and NFT's and Game development.


The first liquidity pool was funded by me with no presale, private sale or public sale.  Team Members are Volunteers working together to help make this project FUN. This project has been assembled for the sole purpose of Burning Cronos and this token has no other use. If you would like to have fun trading Burn Cro and Burning Cronos please feel free to join in. Investing in Crypto Currency can come with high risk and therefore you should only invest what you are prepared to lose.