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Brian Redmore

I have been using for many years now and I am proud to be the holder of a "founding member" visa card.

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You Can:

Launch a successful Crypto Project with as little as £10,000.

Need Help Getting Started with Crypto?

  Hello my name is Brian. I have been using blockchains and buying Crypto for many years now. Crypto currencies can be very volatile and you should only invest what you are prepared to lose.  Use my Referral Codes to set up accounts yourself or If you would like help getting started message me. 

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1 to 1 Consultations Available! £50 for a consultation  plus £50 per hour afterwards. 

I Can Help you:-

* Open accounts with up to $120 worth of free crypto in sign up referrals and Earn up to $120 in Crypto  for each person you sign up using your accounts.

* Help you complete KYC.

* Show you how to link your accounts to your bank . 

*Teach you how to buy, sell, transfer or swap  crypto. 

*How to Link accounts to  and use Metamask. 

*Earn a passive income from your Crypto.

*Launch your own Token + list it as Liquidity.

* Build a Website. * Build  Shop. * link payments.

*Set up Liquidity Farms & Glitter Mines to earn a income.

*Create NFT's.

*Buy, Sell, transfer and Stake your NFT's.

*Earn Crypto for Free when you spend your money. 

Crypto projects.

I can help you set up, launch and validate your very own Crypto Project.

Project Launch Package. £5,000

Launch your own token with NFT's (addition costs for NFT's) + Farms and Staking Bonus. (addition costs to set up, varies on different DEX's).

Add liquidity (Not included in fee).

Lock liquidity.

Token tracker information updated (your token will pass the criteria required by the blockchain to update info, logo and socials).

Set up and Link social Media accounts.

Set up Merchandise shop.

Get white listed on DEX.

KYC + Audit (additional costs)

Promoting costs not included.

NFT Projects

I can help you set up and launch your very own NFT project.

Avoid Scams!

I can help you avoid scams and stay safe by...

Take a look at my Warning page where I have listed a scam project. Click here.

Call me on Zoom:-


Consultations are for help and advice only, you are responsible for your own money and investments and you should never invest more than you are prepared to lose. If someone uses my services to create a project that turns out to be a scam or rug pull is not my responsibility. Anyone that uses my services are entirely responsible for their own actions.