Burnie T Cronos

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Burnie T Cronos

Meet Burnie, you can call him "Burn" for short. The T stands for Tiger and soon he can be minted as an NFT on the Cronos block chain.  Burn T Cronos is more than just an NFT Character, he's our mascot. Uniting the #Crofam and supporting others is his goal.

This NFT collection will soon be available to mint on the Cro Army NFT launch pad. With 10,000 unique NFT's and 100 traits you can mint one for 25 Cronos.

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Burn cro nfts.

We are currently working on a Mascot that will first appear in a Comic strip. Where we will introduce the finalised Burn Cro Mascot character and explain what will happen once these NFT's are fully minted.

Road Map

1. Create a Comic Strip to Introduce Burnie T Cronos.

2. Create 10,000 NFTs

3. Set up Minting on Cro Army Launch pad.

4. Reduce Taxes by 4%

5. Add funds to Burn Cro as Liquidity.

6. Set up farm for NFT’s

7. List NFT’s Ebisu’s

8. List NFT’s on Minted

9. Create Poker Game

10. Create 2nd Game

11. Launch Burn T Cronos Meme coin.


The NFTs listed as The Burn Cro NFT collection listed/created by me to test creating and listing NFT's. I am not an artist and these NFT's are only worth what someone is prepared to pay fot them. You may Purchase them and find that nobody else will want to buy them.

The Burn Cro NFT's have been created on my behalf. I paid an artist to create them. These NFTs will have some use when they are launched. Only invest what you are prepared to lose.